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Educational and School Tours

Guidepost Tours specialises in fully-escorted cultural and educational tours and travel programs throughout Australia and overseas. We offer an exciting world of travel opportunities for groups of all ages and interests.

Group travel for schools and colleges.


Guidepost Tours are dedicated to making sure that teachers and students get the best educational tour at the best price, guaranteed. Our aim is to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, showing students that foreign language, history, literature, the arts, science, or any other subject doesn't have to stay in the classroom. 

Guidepost Educational Tours


Guidepost Tours can take your school group on a cultural experience that students will remember. An understanding of other ethnic groups is important to a future global society. Australia's neighbours in the South Pacific and through South East Asia provide a great place to start. Easily accessible by air and economical for land arrangements. Our itineraries allow you to meet the locals, study the history and get a feel for how people live in a different culture.

Contact Bob at Guidepost Tours on 1300 733323 to discuss your ideas and special requirements.


There is nothing better to polish up a students language study than to learn to speak like the locals. Whether it be a Spanish Language School in Guatemala, a German Language class in Regensburg, or one of many other places where students can be immersed in local culture and hear the local language.  Why not discuss your ideas with the team at Guidepost.


Handling arrangements for a large group on a tight schedule can be stressful and complicated, particularly when musical equipment and band  items have to be transported. Why not call in the experts. Guidepost Tours can plan your excursion itinerary to the last detail.


Sports groups, particularly representative teams, require a lot of co-ordination.  Team members joining from different schools may require individual arrangements. Equipment may need to be transported seperately to team members. Let Guidepost take away the headache of detailed arrangements. Our systems, together with contacts in airlines and ground operators will ensure you get stress free, tailor made itineraries. Contact Guidepost Educational Tours.


Literary tours are only limited by the interest and imagination of the reader. You provide the author or subject and we provide the itinerary and places to visit. Our resources and contacts allow us to tailor a special itinerary to meet your requirements. Contact Guidepost Educational Tours.


Italy is probably one of the most common European country from educational tours. With its wealth of culture and history, the opportunities are endless. Language studies, cooking schools, religious tours, Ancient History, literary excursions, plus history and geography itineraries can be suitably arranged in almost any region. Contact Bob at Guidepost  Educational Tours on 1300 733323.


From the moment you step off the plane and into the arrivals lounge, you can tell that you’re in Japan.  Taking into account that Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world, it still retains its traditional culture as a common practise.  Guidepost is delighted to recognise the growth of Australian schools’ interest in Japan and welcomes the opportunity to make a contribution to students' experiences when visiting this rewarding country. Contact Guidepost Educational Tours.


Religious study tours can be so beneficial and influential in developing the spiritual life of students. Guidepost Tours have specialised in this field over many years and take pride in ensuring our detailed itineraries are prepared with your group in mind. Guidepost have special itineraries for school groups as well as church and fellowship groups. We have our own specialist tour operators in Israel, Greece, Jordan and Egypt as well as other European countries. Contact Guidepost Christian Heritage Tours


Guidepost Educational Tours have arranged Classical Study Tours for students and adults to Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, India and throughout Asia. Tell us what your group is interested in and let Guidepost prepare an itinerary just for you. Each tour is specially prepared to your requests.


The ANZAC legend and an understanding of events involving Australians throughout the world form an important part of what it means to be an Australian. Many school students are now visiting the sites of Australia's war heritage throughout Gallipoli, France and Northern Africa, then closer to home in Thailand (Burma railway) and North Borneo (Sandakan), Vietnam, Vanuatu and New Guinea. Guidepost Tours have a number of exclusive itineraries. We also work with many ground operators in various countries who can tailor a special itinerary for large or small groups at very economical rates.


Guidepost Educational Tours provide individuals and groups with a travel experience, either in Australia or overseas, that promotes sustainable tourism and cross-cultural understanding. Geography is the study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, environment and phenomena. Over the years, Guidepost have arranged many, many tours that meet this criterea and we believe that any destination can provide a learning experience for students and adults alike.


Where in the world would you go to study fashion and design? Melbourne or Sydney? Paris or Rome? Bali or Bangkok? See the parades, meet the designers, explore the shops. Come with your ideas and let Guidepost put together a great package for your school excursion. Guidepost Educational Tours.


Guidepost Educational Tours and a number of volunteering options where students can assist less privileged communities and charity organisations. These can be located through Asia, the Pacific Islands such as Fiji and Vanuatu, Africa and South America. Contact Guidepost Educational Tours to discuss suitable options for your school, church or educational group.

Contact Guidepost Tours for more details.