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Medical Travel


At Guidepost, we believe that finding healthcare should be easy, that everyone should have access to quality, affordable medical care, no matter where they live, and that bureaucratic barriers to treatment shouldn't exist.
Connecting patients directly with caretakers is our mission and that is why our medical contacts are reliable and secure, open to all, and free to use!  Guidepost will assist you to search, compare, and coordinate your medical procedure with internationally trusted clinics. Whatever your requirements - higher quality care, shorter waiting times, or more affordable procedures - you deserve access to healthcare on your terms.   
  • Our mission is connecting clinics with patients - worldwide.  We connect you with trusted health care providers and we partner with internationally accredited institutions.
  • Our vision is simple, affordable, access to quality care.  The directory and booking is free for anyone with an internet connection. Because access to healthcare is too important to sell.
  • We believe that when making health decisions, the more information you have the better.  Clinics are listed with accreditation levels, staff experience, facility pictures, procedure prices and reviews from former patients. By using your personal dashboard, you contact the clinic staff directly.
  • Our core values are accessibility, transparency, and privacy.  We do not and never will sell your personal data.
  • We make money by charging the clinics a small fee for each patient they receive through our site. The clinics have agreed that the prices posted here are the same as the prices charged to patients coming in through other channels.

For a personal confidential referral to our medical specialists phone Bob on 0418428909 or click here to send an email



Medical Packages


 We are currently updating and expanding our range of packages to cover dental, cosmetic and general health. visit our new website linked below or contact our office for details.

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