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 Guidepost Tours have prepared over 40 different itineraries for individuals and groups wishing to walk any section of the El Camino trail.

Our local operator can cater for church and school groups.  If you are travelling on your own we can place you with a group of pilgrims on a scheduled walk or we can assist you to plan your personal journey at a time and pace to suit your capabilities.  Some sample itineraries our detailed below.


The Way of St James - El Camino Walk

THE WAY OF ST JAMES - El Camino Walking Pilgrimage - SPAIN 10 days

  Although this is a “walking tour” – rest assured that everything will be taken care of for you! On your pilgrimage, you will be staying at fabulous hotels. You will have a driver and vans following your group as well as transporting your luggage. Enjoy excellent meals throughout the pilgrimage and you will have an assistant and a guide at your side from start to finish. The Way of St. James, often known by its Spanish name, el Camino de Santiago, is the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where legend has it that the remains of the apostle, Saint James the Great, are buried. "TOP SELLING PILGRIMAGE" Contact Guidepost Pilgrimage Tours for dates and prices. THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES. (Gpt-206PT-70)

Part 1: St. Jean Pied de Port - Santo Domingo de la Calzada - AN EL CAMINO WALKING PILGRIMAGE - 12 days

 Begin your walking Pilgrimage in Saint Jean Pied de Port in France before continuing along the Spanish part of the El Camino, starting with the “Route of Napoleon” through Alpine-style meadows. In Roncesvalles visit the Monastery of Real Colegiata de Santa Maria, famously known as a Pilgrim’s hospital and the Chapel of Sancti Spiritus, or Silo of Charlemagne. Continue to the beautiful woodland town of Burguete, walk through oak, walnut, hazel and maple trees to get to Pamplona, most famously known for the running of the bulls. Continue on to see the amazing city that is Madrid and have a wine tasting there.  Contact Guidepost Tours for dates and prices. THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES. (GPT-206PT-70A)

Part 2: Santo Domingo de la Calzada & Leon - AN EL CAMINO WALKING PILGRIMAGE - 13 days

 This section of the El Camino walk talks you through Madrid · San Millán de la Cogolla · Santo Domingo de la Calzada · Belorado · San Juan de Ortega · Burgos · Hontanas · Boadilla del Camino · Carrion de los Condes · St. Maria de Benevivere · Sahagun · Regliegos · Leon. Contact Guidepost Tours.  THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES  (GPT-206PT-70B)

Part 3: Leon to Sarria - AN EL CAMINO WALKING PILGRIMAGE - 12 days

 On this section of the El Camino walk you with visit Madrid · Tordesillas · Villadangos del Paramo · Astorga · Foncebadon · Ponferrada · Villafranca del Bierzo · O Cebreiro · Triacastela · Sarria. Contact Guidepost Tours for further information. THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES  (GPT-206PT-70C)


  On this 13 day pilgrimage you will visit Madrid · Foncebadon · Iron Cross · O' Cebreiro · Sarria · Portomarin · Palas de Rei · Arzua · Arca do Pino · Monte do Gozo · Santiago de Compostela (St. James) Lisbon (St. Anthony) Santarem (Eucharistic Miracle) Fatima. Contact Guidepost Pilgrimages for dates and prices, THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES (GPT-206PT-70F)

THE WAY OF ST JAMES - El Camino - The French Route (A Walking Pilgrimage)

 19 days - Beginning in Leon and finishing in Santiago de Compostela, this route is a longer route in order to get a “Compostela” (El Camino Certificate). This will attract a more experienced Walker, or Pilgrims who have completed our Tour 70 and is up for a greater challenge. Referred to as the “French Route”, you will leave the plateau of Leon taking in the Leon Mountains as you make your way to Astorga. This portion of your trip is charecterised by broom, heather, oak trees and conifer plantations. Guidepost Pilgrimage Tours. THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES.  (Gpt-206PT-77)


 The Way of St. Francis – Camino of Saint Francis of Assisi - is a walking Pilgrimage which is enthused by Saint Francis of Assisi (Co-patron of Italy, founder of the Seraphic Order). St Francis was a spiritual trailblazer for nature and environmentalists; known for his attitude towards nature. The Way of St. Francis follows an early Roman road between Florence and Rome. Follow in the footsteps of St. Francis through the amazing countryside, and pass by significant Franciscan locations such as Assisi in Umbria. The Cammino di Francesco ends at Rome and the Vatican City. This route has been followed by numerous pilgrims who have been inspired by the life that St Francis lived and encouraged. Rome (Papal Audience with Holy Father) · La Verna · Sansepolcro · Pieve Santo Stefano · Citerna · Citta di Castello · Pietralunga · Monteleto · Gubbio · Biscina · Valfabbrica · Assisi (St. Francis). THIS IS A GROUP WALKING PILGRIMAGE WITH SET DEPARTURE DATES. Contact Guidepost for dates and prices. (GPT-206PT-225-226)

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