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Diving & Surfing

Best diving sites and holiday packages


  North Sulawesi has a lot to offer. The full spectrum of diving activities is available. Diving ranges from the magnificent coral gardens of Bunaken Marine Park and Bangko Strait to the walls of fishes and underwater volcanoes of the Sangihe Islands to the unusual and rarely seen critters of Lembeh Strait. Other activities include rain forest hiking in Tangkoko Nature Reserve and Dumoga Bone National Park, along with viewing scenic waterfalls, volcano climbing and river rafting. The highlands area is a paradise for bird watching. The capital city of North Sulawesi is Manado which has 18km of coastline surrounded by hills and mountains with several towering active mvolcanoes. Contact Guidepost Tours plan your next visit. (Adv Ind)

Favorite surfing locations and vacation packages


  Experience the best beaches of Timor-Leste and discover the breath taking scenery and coastal areas that are second to none. Take in the surf at the white sandy beach of Jaco Island, snorkel in crystal clear waters of just simply soak up the sun. If you are lucky, a pod of dolphins counting over 50 usually follow as you cross over to explore Atauro Island. Here you will discover so much more on land and on the shores.

  Looking for a special surfing getaway? We can arrange a special holiday in great surfing locations across Timor Leste. Contact Guidepost Tours for Reservations. (Gpt-IEH)

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