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Archaeological Tours

 Guidepost Tours are specialists in arranging archaeological trips to famous landmarks, historical sites of interest and archaeological digs across the world. The tours are not only based on visiting but also actively encourage participants to engage in activities that help in learning no matter your age or background.

The tours cover a wide range of historical interests and a great many eras. Simply choose an activity or era and place to visit and you will be taken to a bygone age where you can live as a purist or learn how certain events unfolded and possibly partake in activities that immerse you in the age of your ancestors. 

We have a selection of locations below however we are continually receiving updated information so contact our office by submitting the enquiry form on the top toolbar.

Archaeological trips for small groups and individuals

ISRAEL & THE HOLYLAND - Archeological Tours

 Visit the most famous archaeological site in Israel and meet with local Archeologists. Guidepost Tours can arrange a programme for small special interest groups or individuals.

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